Feb 112012
Alexis Cortijos et Fabrice Lesté se sont unis samedi à la mairie de Villejuif, le 11 février 2012.

The Communist Mayor of Villejuif, Val-de-Marne, celebrated Saturday morning first gay "marriage" in Ile-de-France by union "symbolic" and "militant" of two men already for ten years. This marriage has no legal value and will not be registered in the register of civil status, said the Town Hall. In the room of the hotel-de-ville, Claudine Cordillot marriages, (PCF) Mayor of the commune, has joined Alexis Cortijos, 42, and Fabrice Leste, 40 years before about 250 people. The chosen nevertheless proceeded as in a genuine ceremony, with Exchange of rings, discount acts of marriage and a family booklet so the couple says its "right to parenthood".

"We wanted a symbolic marriage", said Alexis Cortijos, in order to avoid that the procedure be "invalidated" as in Bègles, Gironde, in 2004. At the time, Mayor green, Noël Mamère, had celebrated the only gay marriage in France, which had finally been annulled by the justice. "It is a militant Act. We want to show a certain right that people have wanted to get things done", said Alexis Cortijos, referring to the words of Nicolas Sarkozy who has expressed opposition to the marriage of homosexual couples.

In November, the Communist Mayor of Cabestany (Pyrénées-Orientales) had symbolically "married" two men to place this issue at the heart of the presidential campaign. However, the union had not included in civil status. The President of the Christian Democratic Party (PCD) and candidate to the Elysee Christine Boutin then denounced a "provocation" while the solidarity Minister, Roselyne Bachelot, had considered that it was not "the best way to advance the cause". In January 2011, the Constitutional Council recalled that "under French law, marriage is the union of a man and a woman" and suggested the legislature care whether to change the law.

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