Apr 092013
Senate in France

-The examination of the Bill continued in the evening at a slowed pace, the right multiplying the interventions on article 1, the most important of the text because it is one that opens marriage to people of same sex then the amendments calling for abolishing deposited by the UMP and the IDU - UC.

Many of the stakeholders UMP and centrists ensured that the text opened the way for future recognition of the LDC (assisted) and GPA (management for others). "This text is hidden, it is a camouflage text, behind there is a series of upcoming screenings, is a shadow theatre", stressed Patrice Gélard (UMP).

-A heated exchange between the PCF and the UMP, Pierre Laurent (FCP) evoking a "homophobic" from the right which caused the indignation of Jean-Pierre Raffarin (UMP). "Among the arguments that we have heard, there are those who fall within a homophobia free and brutal, others that relate to a shameful and latent homophobia..." has launched the Senator and Secretary general of the PCF, Pierre Laurent, early evening just before the adjournment of the meeting for the dinner break.

Former Prime Minister UMP, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, took the floor at the resumption of the discussions after dinner to protest. "I mean our profound revolt to have heard remarks that described these homophobic benches", he said. "This is unacceptable. Has treated us offenders since the law of December 30, 2004, I did vote, you have several months of prisons when you're homophobic,"he said. "We respect all citizens and whatever their sexual practice, we can not accept this violence", he continued.

And during this time...

The Senate right failed to accept the creation of a "civil union" for gay couples, its the most important initiative to try to block the Bill. The amendments were rejected by all of the senators from left, with the exception of three RDSE (by majority PRG) who abstained, and they did not full of the voices on the right, the UMP or among Centrists. "It is spearheaded by our fight against same-sex marriage", it was said in the UMP group. "It is propose improvements to union plans established for same-sex couples".

The phrase of the day

My belief is that it is time for the Republic to give homosexuals the same recognition, the same rights and the same legal security as heterosexual people".

The declaration is signed Fabienne Keller, one of the few UMP senators in favor of gay marriage.