Jan 062012

Nearly 40 associations fighting AIDS indignant against the possible continuation of the prohibition to practice funeral care of conservation on HIV-positive people died. The national Council of AIDS (CNS) rejects this device recommended by the High Council of the public health (HCSP).

It is the national AIDS Council (CNS), advisory body placed with the Minister of health, who gave the warning on the eve of Christmas, worrying about the possible maintenance of a legal provision which prohibits to conservation (the embalming) on the deceased care HIV. AIDS associations have seen red and were quick to express their indignation by sending a collective text to the Minister of health, Xavier Bertrand, denouncing "a dangerous and violent absurdity. It decided to hold a meeting with the parties concerned on 10 January, under the chairmanship of the Director-general of health, Jean-Yves Grall.

Care of embalming aims to delay the process of decomposition of the body by injecting into the vascular system of formalin, a conservative, and antiseptic product instead of blood. They are banned since 1998 on people with HIV, but also of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, hepatitis viral B and C, and all serious septic condition, to not expose the thanatopracteurs to risk of contamination. An argument supported by the High Council of the public health (HSCP) but invalidated by the CNS and associations, which speak of 'legal discrimination without scientific basis. Pr Willy Rozenbaum, Chairman of the NSC, said that "there are at least a third of the people [with HIV Editor's note] who are unaware ' and beyond, therefore these one-off funeral. The current law, takes countdown, according to him, the logic of prevention, and is a false security, precautionary measures to be applied to all the corpses.

Feed mill of daily prejudices facing HIV-positive people, this revolt associations in the discriminatory measures in force. Jérôme Martin, of Act Up-Paris, recalls that "it is the same type of reasoning which is the basis for the denial of care by dentists. The president of local elected representatives against AIDS (ELCS), Jean-Luc Romero, also seized the defender of rights, Dominique Baudis, on this subject. At present, families can apply as a toilet and a buildup of their HIV-positive dead.

AIDS: discrimination "unsustainable" around funeral care - Terrafemina