May 132013
Le Refuge

A young gay man forced to follow his parents into demonstrations against gay marriage, a young lesbian put at the door of her home at the time of his coming out: since marriage for all stirred the French society, the testimonies of this order flourish on Internet...

Homophobia, of course, does not make its appearance in France but the current debate has made the word (and sometimes acts) easier homophobic. And as a result, the situation of young homosexuals has become more fragile...

Since 2003 in Montpellier, 2012 in Toulouse, an association, Le Refuge, supports gay youth victims of homophobia, especially within their own families. Its volunteers provide psychological assistance, but also, for the most extreme cases, an emergency shelter.

Toulouse antenna is its permanence once per week, space diversity and secularism in Toulouse. Since its inception, it has helped four young people out of the street but funds are lacking. With 5500 euros in grants from the City Hall of Toulouse, it struggles to cope with the demand.

For this reason, it launches, from 13 to 19 may, a week of donation Collections. 3000 euros, for example, would prevent four young people currently hosted to return to the street.
May 17 also takes place against homophobia world week.

The Refuge
Emergency line national 24 hours: 06 31 59 69 50

Mary Martin

When homophobia affects families... - 3 Midi-Pyrénées France

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