Apr 172013
France - Nouvelle manifestation contre le mariage gay

Thousands of opponents of same-sex marriage demonstrated Tuesday evening in Versailles and in Paris at the demonstration, calling to request the withdrawal of the Bill opening marriage to homosexuals, found journalists from AFP. In the capital, the demonstrators were 2,500 according to the Prefecture of police.

Demo for all has planned rallies every night near the National Assembly, where deputies review from Wednesday the Bill at second reading. Police forces were deployed around the building, and the partly banned movement.

The majority of the procession is was dispersed little by little from 21.30, but around midnight a hundred of irreducible, were still on the spot, on the lawn before the Invalides, where they had pitched a tent. Some UMP deputies had come to give them their support and ask them to disperse.

Dispersion forced around midnight
Upon their refusal, the CRS began shortly after midnight to their dispersal to the subway, despite some resistance. Forty people were arrested, according to the Prefecture of police. The demonstration was authorized until 22:00.

Earlier, other protesters were installed in the middle of the quai d'Orsay, where they had also mounted a tent, before be dislodged without incident by riot police. Some young people at the crane shaved briefly shouted 'West, West', name of a small group of extreme right-wing, observed an AFP journalist. "It aims to be every day more and more noisy daily until Sunday", had said earlier in the evening, during the event, Xavier Bongibeau, the president of more Gay without marriage, claiming to represent gay people hostile to this Bill.

Chanting "Holland, your law, it does not want", "Holland resignation" or even "Immediate withdrawal of the Bill", the protesters, brandishing flags blue, pink or white demo for all, had given go to Métro Sèvres-Babylone (7th arr.) around 19:00 to walk toward the National Assembly.

Bristling with signs ("Let's save the small family, Dad mum, child", or even "make orphans is not a right"), the procession had led great fuss. "Until the end I will say no to this project. Even if the project passes, I will continue to say no", said Sylvain, 55, who refuses to identify his family name. "Awaken the conscience of people, it is a good thing. It was a bit soft, to get caught up in a flowing State"ruled the fifties which makes" Business Council".

At Versailles, in the ranks of the demonstrators, who were several thousand according to organizers, high school students, fathers and mothers of families and retirees chanted: "it will relinquish anything. Fascist Holland, Socialist dictatorship". The demonstration ended at around 10:00 pm.

"It has no referendum announced, we did not have a public debate. This crystallizes the resentment", told the AFP Francois De Mazieres, Mayor of Versailles that"the movement is and will remain firmly peaceful". "Our city is never mobilized. It is necessary that the Government hears us", he added. "It will fart. There are a gang of thugs to the Government and never the adoption of a law has as much been sloppy,"said Chantal, a pharmacist at Versailles for many years.

New demonstration against gay marriage in France - 7SUR7.be

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