Apr 192013
A l’Assemblée, dans la nuit du 18 au 19 avril 2013

You will probably never see a video of what happened this night to the Assembly, then must I tell you.

At the dawn of this Friday, at 0:45, a spectacular meeting incident broke out in the Chamber. Most of the surveyed members agree to regard it as the most "violent" of their career. "It's been thirty years that I have sat in this Chamber, I have never seen ca provides for its part Alain Vidalies, Minister of Relations with Parliament.

Since the beginning, Wednesday, of second reading of the Bill 'opening marriage to same-sex', Socialist MEPs do everything to put an end as soon as possible. Most of the time, they remain silent, leaving the UMP to run out in a monologue devoid of meaning.

At this stage, for the opposition, set the fire is the only way to make last things. And the only evidence they can give the supporters of the 'demonstration for all"that they may be worthy of their trust.

"He chuckled" / "he sighed.

Late afternoon, one or two provocations have failed to take. But the elders of the Socialist Group have moved closer to their more fiery colleagues: "It does not react."

The decisive element came from the outside after dinner. The Raudière Lavra, back from the sit-in organized by the "watchers" of the 'demonstration for all"on the esplanade des Invalides, is taking the floor in the House. She explains that she is "deeply shocked" by 'the deployment of CRS' face 'young people who sang.

Marc Le Fur takes over and tells the tremolos in the voice, one demonstrating 'was hit in the throat', "Mr Dhuicq uses his medical skills to accompany him" and what a girl "spectacled" was "dragged" by the CRS.

This story provokes a Justice official sitting just behind Christiane Taubira, a pout. "It has not stopped of smirking", according to the right. "He sighed", according to the left.

«It's not the LGBT lobby that governs!»

Hervé Mariton means finger. Several of his UMP colleagues imitate him. Some bound, Yves Albarello, Philippe Meunier and Daniel Fasquelle in mind. The ushers intervening en masse to protect the employee. General crowd. This jostling, it roars from all sides. Xavier Breton screams:

«Civil servants should remain neutral, it's not the LGBT lobby that governs!»

Everybody says: ' you can never have seen it. ".

The webcast is switched off, as at each interruption of meeting.

Still cries then the Chamber is empty. In the corridors, some members laugh at this one. Other DART be shocked before the cameras. Philippe Meunier exhibits a ballerina found on place - double evidence of the violence of the CRS and the harmless nature of the demonstrators.

1 H 20, the meeting resumed. "Nothing can justify" what has just taken place, scolds Claude Bartolone:

"We are not the students who have difficulties with a look through!"

Gay marriage: violent incident of the Assembly meeting. Rue89

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