Apr 252013
Jean-François Copé

The president of the UMP, Jean-Francois Cope, said Wednesday that if the right returns to power in 2017, it will not repeal the marriage for all Act adopted Tuesday by Parliament but the 'rewrite '. "We will very quickly, very quickly, organize meetings, conventions the UMP to examine all of the family policy which is today undermined, (...)". and in particular we will certainly have to rewrite a portion of the text, on matters of parentage, he explained to show 'Issues of Info' (LCP / the world/AFP/France Info).
On the other hand, so that the elected Gilbert Collard, m.p. in the colours of the FN, was physically close to members of the UMP, during the "Manif for all" last Sunday in Paris, Cope is outraged that we do not reproach François Holland to 'electoral ally' Jean-Luc Mélenchon that it considers as being left-wing.

He wants to do on 26 May an anti-Hollande demonstration

About its call for the mobilization of UMP supporters for the May 26 event, organized at the initiative of the opponents of gay marriage, he "wishes to those who with the UMP, will come to demonstrate, to express on this occasion their global challenge of the policy pursued by François Holland". For him, it must be understood that "in these demonstrators, there are hundreds, thousands, and perhaps millions (...) French and French that actually express a very great indignation against the policy which is carried out, on this subject, but economically".

"Of the abuses committed by some extremists.

Condemning "all violence and intolerance wherever they arise" that took place in recent weeks, the patron of the UMP is is out that "reductions" this mobilization "to abuses committed by some extremists that must naturally be punished. He noted in this respect do not have "remember that, when a few years ago, it was the call of the CGT and the Socialist Party that demonstrations were organized against major reforms for the future of our children, such as the pension reform, there is at this point made amalgam which is today while leftist thugs were ubiquitous in the events".

Gay marriage: Cope promises to "rewrite" the Act

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