Mar 262013
Christine Boutin

Christine Boutin, President of the Christian-Democratic Party (PCD), expects president François Holland, that he announced Thursday the withdrawal of text on marriage and adoption by gay couples, a reform that it fought.

Commenting on RFI 'demo for all' in which she participated Sunday, the former Minister has said to be convinced that the Government "has been overwhelmed, because they could not imagine such a mobilization".

"People feel not taken into account, ridiculed, and they no longer support. I say: president, made careful, gonna fart ", it warned.

This bodes for future less calm events? "It is a certainty," according to her.

Is "brave people", "people you should never hear about and they are exasperated by this president, who is not listening", insisted the former Minister of housing.

"It's going to crystallize", she predicted. "Politically, things are aggregate". "The president of the Republic, take decisions".

"I hope", has launched yet Ms. Boutin, "Thursday, he will announce that he withdraws this text", adopted in the National Assembly and happens in the Senate.

Thursday, the head of State acts on France 2 in a special program.

Gay marriage: Boutin expects Holland Thursday a withdrawal of the text - the Point