Apr 112013
Les pro-mariage gay manifestent et dénoncent les agressions homophobes

Thousands of supporters of marriage for all gathered Wednesday evening in Paris to denounce the intensification of punch shares and attacks organized by the extreme fringe of the opponents to the Bill.

In a tense where the rapporteur of the Bill, the socialist MP Erwann Binet, has decided to cancel its next public meetings for security reasons, and a few days after the assault of a homosexual, Wilfried de Bruijn, the streets of Paris, thousands of marriage for all activists gathered outside City Hall in Paris, Wednesday, April 10, in the pouring rain, to denounce "hatred that has intensified in recent weeks".

The call including Act - Up, SOS homophobia, AIDS, and the collective Yes-Yes-Yes, the demonstrators gathered in front of the City Hall chanted "Homophobia kills, Bal homophobic!". They were joined by the PS candidate for mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, who denounced "violence of the words which begets violence of acts".

Since last week, supporters of marriage for all worried in fact multiplication of pressures and punching operations: the home of Senator IDU Chantal Jouanno has been the subject of a siege by the French spring April 4 while Senator ecologist of the Val-de-Marne, Esther Benbassa, claimed to have received threats by phone and mail.

These attacks are the result of speech by spokespersons of the homosexual anti-marriage, denounces Wilfried Bruijn, injured in the face last Saturday while he was walking the streets of Paris with his companion. "The demonstration for all is responsible for, but must be defined, they are responsible for what? Is that they are responsible for my injury now? What is Frigide Barjot me has pulled a tooth? What is Christine Boutin hit me in the head? No, well obviously not. "But I'm talking about something else: they hold a discourse of exclusion from months and months, and it creates a climate in which people can exceed acceptable limits in physical action", he said to FRANCE 24.

Rassemblement contre l'homophobie devant l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris, le 10 avril 2013

Rally against homophobia before the City Hall of Paris, April 10, 2013

"Of the outfits excited and malicious"

Have homosexual anti-marriage been overwhelmed by their extreme fringes? Operations in recent days pushed the UMP and the organizers of the demonstration for all to distance themselves with supporters of French, collective spring that says "accompany" the actions of "harassment of representatives of power".

Frigid Barjot said on France 2 "condemn firmly the acts of vandalism, insults, catches people party", organized by "of excited, malicious, cells at the limit of delinquency". Another spokesman for the anti-marriage for all, Xavier Bongibault, considers fight homophobia and be a moderator homosexual anti-marriage. "If Frigide Barjot, Laurence Tcheng and I had not taken the head of the demonstration for all November 17, it would currently be Alain Escadet and Civitas which would be at the head of the movement against this Bill, and what would it be so if it was them at the head of this movement!" So no we are absolutely not responsible for this climate,"he said to FRANCE 24.

The bill introducing the marriage and adoption for all is currently under discussion in the Senate. The upper House has already approved the first two articles of the Statute.

Gay pro-marriage manifest and denounce the homophobic - FRANCE - FRANCE 24 assault

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