Apr 132012
David Souvestre

David Souvestre, president of the Lesbian & Gay Pride de Lyon was the guest this Friday morning of Jazz Radio for the show "This Jazz in Lyon", offered in partnership with Lyonmag.

Candidates make the homosexual community a topic of discussion in the campaign. First topic: that of same-sex marriage. François Hollande, Jean Luc Mélenchon and Eva Joly say yes to this union. This is not the case of Nicolas Sarkozy and even less of Marine Le Pen. About François Bayrou, preferred the term union than marriage. "We are in a society which is equality. We call for the opening of the marriage but not a civil union that is specific to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender). We want equality of treatment between straight couples and gay couples '. " For David Souvestre, it is important not to create specific to the homosexual community, and in particular on marriage laws. "This goes against the Republican universalism that we defend and which corresponds to the values of our Republic and our democracy in France" assures the president of the Lesbian and Gay Pride de Lyon.

Another important topic to be approached David Souvestre, in parallel to marriage, to the possibility to have or adopt children. Here also, the positions of the candidates are diverse. Once again, candidates from left are rather favourable. The UMP and the extreme right, non is categorical. "If we have a political majority, which came to power in 2012 and that is favourable to our demands, we are for a comprehensive package. Everything will have to be voted on at the same time on the same day in the same Bill. It is out of the question to distinguish the other claims and the claims related to the opening of the marriage. It is a comprehensive law which takes into account all of the claims '. "

Questions related to health, David Souvestre is categorical: "we ask that the prevention policies exceed the repressive policies. There are a number of claims actually on health issues we wish bear in this campaign '. "

Last point: the fight against discrimination. For the president of the Lesbian and Gay Pride de Lyon, it is important to address them and from the earliest age. "Discrimination manifested for example in recreation and school classes. Therefore, one of the first steps will be asked to the Government will be to pursue an active policy of prevention against homophobia in schools "." One device will be asked by company. The desire of David Souvestre on the presidential candidates would be: "If a parliamentary majority opposed to our demands is elected, we call it evolves, it changes and it legislate as soon as possible. If it is a political majority in favour of our claims, we have exactly the same messages: legislate before spring 2013 in the first 100 days of the Government "."