Apr 292013
Les anti-mariage gay protestent dans la rue à Rouen

"Holland, your project, it does not want it! Holland deflated! "His name will never even chanted by street. However, the president of the Republic was not present, yesterday for the inauguration of Normandy Impressionist, in Rouen, where was being held, in parallel, the event organized by the collective "The demonstration for all 76". According to the organizers, they were 800, rue glove, to oppose the Bill on marriage and adoption for homosexual couples, endorsed on 23 April last by Parliament.

Flags and slogans were not lacking: "No fiction to filiation", "man is not a commodity", "thank you Daddy, thanks MOM '... "It is not homophobic. It just opposes consumerism. Opening adoption to homosexual couples, is not thought to the well-being of these children", reflects Yolande, an Ebroicienne, come manifest.

To reproductive medically assisted

Beyond a challenge to marriage and adoption for gay couples, most of the protesters fear above all the consequences will be, according to them, this law. "It will open the door to some time in medically assisted procreation and surrogacy," railed Alexandre Le Ricque, 'The demonstration for all 76' spokesman. Even the youngest are in the street yesterday. "Too many people remained indifferent to the debate on the adoption for homosexual couples, note Maud Batiste, 19 years. '' They feel not enough concerned by this debate.

"Certain elected officials will refuse to unite gay couples.

"Asked the suspension of this law", adds 'La Manif for all 76' spokesman, claiming the importance "of having a father and a mother for the balance of the child. And a gay anti-marriage to add: "I am confident that elected officials will refuse to marry same-sex couples despite the implementation of this Act.

The anti-marriage gay to rendezvous on May 26 in Paris to continue the demonstrations. "It was present but we do not listened to us at previous events, tells an anti come of the Eure. It was as if it wasn't there". Yesterday, in any case, with their pans and whistles, they have not gone unnoticed.

The anti-marriage gay protest in the street in Rouen. Paris Normandie

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