Apr 092013
le Sénat a voté l'article 1 de la loi

The Senate passed Tuesday night by 179 votes against 157, the first article of the Bill on marriage homosexual, most importantly, one that opens marriage to people of the same sex.

This article was adopted "compliant", i.e. without change compared with the vote at first reading by the National Assembly. Therefore, this vote becomes final unless all of the Bill was rejected on the basis of its consideration by the Senate. It shall be subjected to a second reading by the National Assembly or the CMP (joint Joint Commission).
This vote is reached after more than 10 hours of discussion on this article at the coursdesquelles the right has scrapped against the text by multiplying outlets of lyrics in an electric atmosphere. "Despite the attempts of obstruction of the right, the Senate has adopted article 1 which permits same-sex couples to marry", the president of the Group PS François Rebsamen, said in a statement after the vote. "The adoption of this article by the vote of all of the Senatorial majority, puts an end to the discrimination that resulted from the sexual choices of citizens", he added.

"Given derivatives that have taken place, either by manifestations of violence in the street, either by verbal outbursts in the House, the vote on this article marks a victory in the fight against homophobia, that of tolerance and democracy," he concluded.

The Senate adopted article which opened marriage to homosexuals

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