Apr 012013
France - Le PS dénonce la radicalisation des opposants au mariage gay

Children who have been "gassed", chahutes Ministers... PS sounds the charge Sunday against verbal and physical hardening against the project of the Government. "The radicalization of the opponents of marriage for all who no longer hesitate to opt for a strategy of tension, to conduct a guerrilla war against the Ministers, is worrying," deplores Frédérique Espagnac, PS spokesman, in a statement. "Just as disturbing is drift to the extreme right on the Internet, which no longer hesitate to go to the president of the Republic in offensive terms", she added.

According to her, "this is only in one week on the right, where the border between UMP and national Front tends each day more and more to fade, there was talk of children gassed in an event, which it did not hesitate to overflow the course, has been criticized severely the work of a magistrate, was given to the head of State of coarse nicknames and launched appeals for his resignation".

The right is to "learn the virtues of alternating"

Stressing that the right brought lawsuits in 'legitimacy' to the left when it is in power, the spokesman wish "the current opposition that she also has a long time to learn the virtues of Republican alternation".

PS denounces the "radicalization" of opponents to gay marriage - the Point