May 092013
France - Le Forum Gay et Lesbien de Lyon dégradé par Extrême-Droit

The attack took place on Wednesday.

In a statement, the Forum railed about this incident: "small groups of the Extreme right scored in their own way the Armistice of 8 May 1945, which commemorated the defeat of Nazi ideology: indeed, this may 8 local Gay and lesbian of Lyon (Lyon FGL) Forum has been tagged by one of these groups, the cowardly perpetrators of this pitiful act having signed the name of their movement their crime." The Gay and lesbian de Lyon Forum denounces this Act. He decided to file a complaint and request that this offence homophobic be retained." He also said that in the State, no registration openly homophobic was tagged on its walls. The group in question is the GUD.

Lyon: the local Gay and lesbian gradient Forum

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