Apr 052012

After receiving criticism, and in particular those of the Government, the cartoon that sensitizes children to homosexuality may be shown to them through popular education networks.

Finally, the kiss of the moon begins to be seen by the public for which it was designed. Remembered the realization of this animated short film intended for students in grades 4 - 5, on the love story between Felix, a catfish and Leon, a Sunfish, aroused a controversy, even though the film was not completed. The Minister of Education, Luc Chatel, had even opposed to that the film be shown in schools. Wrong: show a love story, very poetic yet between two male fish.

Drafted by educational associations
This week, as revealed Releaseyesterday, the short film will be distributed to teachers and educators. Sébastien Watel (see photo) says to STUBBORN that "the film has never been banned despite statements by Luc Chatel, teachers have always been free to use it or not. On the other hand, it clearly did not support national Education."

It is now through the networks ofpopular education that the movie can be relayed: Ligue de l'enseignement, Federation Léo Lagrange and education unions. An associative movement that aims to encourage the expression of individual thought of young people, and employs many socio-cultural facilitators. These partners have acquired the rights to the film and will enable teachers and educators to borrow it to show to the young people. With the support of the League of the education of Ille-et-Vilaine, the site «»Kiss of the Moon Explorer"even box towards online tools for working with children.

Love, it's beautiful.
If he devoted all his energy now to this distribution work, Sébastien Watel says 'relieved' by the early return of the children. Because the film has already received its first audiences. Two classes of CM1 and CM2 even went to a screening at a festival in Saint-Malo, while parents have complained. The reactions of young viewers, by themselves, are identified on this site. The question "in your opinion, what speaks film?", many simply respond 'to love', even though many children have understood that it was 'of homosexuality"- they seem to understand.

And what have they learned? "That love it is beautiful", responds a child. While another said that "if one day I have children and they are like Felix and Leon, I let them live in peace. "Their reactions have confirmed me is to continue my work," says Rennes Director. His next animated project will address the same audience, but on another issue: how to understand grief when it is a child. Always poetic, this new cartoon should be entitled: When is what it is, the spring?

You can buy the DVD from Kiss of the Moon directly on the official site of the film.

Paul Parant

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