May 142013
College Boy

In France, the music video for "College Boy" is criticized by the band Indochine, because in a gay student is tormented by his classmates. The message of the video is important, since the introduction of gay marriage shows how much homophobia lies dormant in the circle.

"I realized that my life among people will not be easy. Because I too departed from their quiet life, "the French band Indochine sings in her single" College Boy ". The song is her stand against homophobia, against the daily hostilities of large and small type, where homosexuals are exposed to in their daily lives. The music video is coming to the statement: A gay student is only thrown by his classmates with paper balls, then peed, crucified and pierced with machine guns. The other students wear blindfolds, filming the scene but with mobile phone cameras.

The work of the French-Canadian director Xavier Dolan hits a sensitive nerve, since the beginning of the debate on the introduction of gay marriage, the "marriage for all", awakens a new awareness of homophobia in France. The video is distributed via Facebook and Twitter, has been viewed on YouTube alone in ten days, more than 800 000 times. For the violence shown the video in France is controversial, with some stations censored. Also, the top media authorities of France, the Conseil Supérieur de l'audiovisual, demands that the video should be shown only for the purpose of protection of minors from 22 clock on television. The director Xavier Dolan has a clear opinion: "If you compare the underlying violence of the demonstrations (against marriage for all) and that of my videos, the latter is more like a fairy tale for children," he told the newspaper LeFigaro.

In fact, in France, the number of documented homophobic acts is skyrocketed. So registered, for example, the French organization "SOS Homophobia" in 2012, 30 percent more calls from victims of homophobic behavior in comparison to the previous year, in the first months of this year there are even three times as many consultations as in the spring of 2012. "This is a direct result of the public debate, people take homophobia more aware," says the president of the organization, Elizabeth RONZIER. This affects all parts of the country and all age groups, although the number of teens who have volunteered at "SOS Homophobia", is seen a significant increase. Therefore RONZIER also has a clear opinion on the controversial music video: "It's brutal, but necessary, because with the video maybe young people are reached, we do not normally reach."

Although the law on the introduction of gay marriage was already decided and it should still be in force this month, still stirs Resistance: On 26 May wish to organize a mass demonstration once again the opponents of equal marriage history. The protest against the equality of homosexuals mobilized since the beginning of the debate and is emotionally unrestrained. The enemies come from all parts of the country to the big demonstrations and put gay marriage with the same values ​​decline. Although much of the movement do not want to classify as homophobic, behind the arguments put forward the happy "mother, father, child," family but clearly a homophobic attitude says, for example, the author of the "Dictionary of Homophobia" Louis-Georges Tin compared with the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. He describes the occurrence of the counter-movement as "bashful homophobia" that her untimeliness is aware of and therefore of necessity occurs tolerant.

The protests against gay marriage are inherently an emotional burden for homosexuals, says "SOS Homophobia" President Elizabeth RONZIER. At the same time they are also the hanger, realized through the many homosexuals only, as their friends or colleagues are really their sexuality. "People that you know and appreciate, go at once to these protests or reject the law," explains Elisabeth RONZIER. Especially if the person in the office or friends not open approach to sexuality and its failure to homophobic comments yet unfiltered. Some opponents of gay marriage to their significant lesbian and homophobia are also not aware RONZIER says: "For example, the statement that homosexual parents are no good - some might think not bad, but it hurts."

Clear words for the protest movement will also Wilfred de Bruijn. The Dutchman was brutally beaten by strangers, because he had kept in his living quarters in Paris with his friend hands. After his friend posted the excessive bruising face of de Bruijn on Facebook, the photo gained a notoriety. To the Associated Press news agency said De Bruijn, who's really in his eyes the blame for the rise in homophobia: the heads of the protest movement, Frigid Barjot and the bishop of Avignon, Jean-Pierre Marie Cattenoz, even if violence or homophobia reject and deny. "I did not beat Frigid Barjot on the head, the bishop of Avignon has not been hanging around in the streets to attack us. But they are responsible. "

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