Apr 122013
Papa Maman

"Excuse me that I show you. It is the face of Moisés." On his Facebook page has Wilfred uploaded for all visible a photo of yourself. It shows the horribly dressed face of the young man from Paris - the eyes of shock swollen, wounds and blood everywhere.

Wilfred is gay. He and his partner were brutally beaten up on the open road. "Olivier and I were spanked hard, just because we walked arm in arm."

France seems really far away to be a homophobic country. In public life, in the media or in everyday life you experienced little hostility against homosexuals. Living openly gay and lesbian people belong to the streetscape. With its bars, pubs and shops, the Marais in Paris, the third arrondissement, in the heart of the capital, is considered a stronghold for homosexuals.

Nevertheless, the human rights organisation MRAP warns: "The situation is serious." Take the current attacks against gays and lesbians in connection with the introduction of gay marriage in France - and their ideological opponents, who embark on an ever greater pace. So proclaimed frigid BARJOT, spokeswoman of the great movement against homosexual marriage, to the address of François hollande: "there will be civil war in France, Mr President."

Right-wing groupings such as the "French spring" refer to civil society - and demonstrate their "irresistible force" with own symbols and the slogan "We don't give up". Their offensive actions against homosexuals, for example against a celebration of gay and Lesbenverbänden, are controversial. A video which is now deleted from the website.

"That have nothing to do with us," frigid BARJOT distances itself. Their organization "Demo for all" has several times can mobilize hundreds of thousands of people against the law "Marriage for all" in Paris and across the country. The movement mainly by churches and conservatives has already called for the May 26 to the next big demonstration.

In the Centre of the debate, not only the new concept of marriage - was recently defined as connection "of two people of different or the same sex". Especially the adoption rights related caused excitement for gays and lesbians. Main argument of opponents: children need a father and mother. France debated passionately about the changes for months.

The dispute on the road was reflected in the National Assembly and Senate: in the first Chamber of Parliament, MEPs had to deal in day and evening sessions with more than 5,000 proposed amendments, in the Senate, there were still nearly 280.

President hollande and his Socialist ruling in the country of "égalité" (equal) doubts have reveal at any time on your project. For the head of State, the thing is clear: "It comes to equal rights for all."

Gay marriage divides France - "There will be civil war". Nachrichten.at

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