May 102013
Frigide Barjot goes to Morroco

Frigide Barjot visit "was organised following the many requests and questions of parents of French but also Moroccan students in schools French in the Morocco", said Hugues de Monterno member of "Demonstration for all" Morocco.

Hugues Moterno says on the facebook page of "The demonstration for all in the Morocco" that the concerns of parents by the French Government's commitment to the "promotion of gender theory, from the primary.

Frigid Barjot will meet with Moroccan civil society actors. In addition, events are planned in the Moroccan public space. "The actions that we are going to lead are only private", specified Hugues de Monterno.

Moreover, a wide conference will be held in Casablanca or Rabat, to share with parents of pupils, including, on the subject that concerns them, always says Hugues de Monterno.

It must say that Frigide Barjot enormously the support of Muslims. She had appealed last March to the Muslims of France: "Let's vindicating the truth: we are all born of a man and a woman! […] There will be two million but it will not be without you (Muslims)! You are the ones that will switch the Act.

Wafaa Ta Latik

Frigid Bal, the leader of the opposition to gay marriage, to Morocco on May 14 and 15

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