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Arrived in Gironde in 2007 and PACS with her lover, French, Abdi asked its regularization since last summer. Today, he has no papers allowing him to stay legally in France and his return to Tunisia poses a risk. It bears witness.

Four months ago, Abdo, Tunisian 24 years old (left on the photo), filed an application for regularization from the prefecture of the Gironde. PACS with her French partner (right), he testifies today in the great day, making the courageous choice to give a face to the situation complex often experienced by young immigrants who chose the France to escape the persecution of homosexuals, and whose regulation is governed by the obstacle course.

"I arrived in France in 2007, on a student visa. In any regularity, therefore. I had at the time chose to come to Bordeaux to study architecture. But above all, I wanted to flee from Tunisia, the land of my childhood. This country where my family, once my homosexuality revealed, chose to cut all relations with me. To forsake me. This same country where intimidation and violence have made my daily life unbearable homo. "This same country where four bearded attempted, overnight, to make me give up my sexual orientation, sequestering me a knife under the throat...", starts.

PACS since last summer

In 2007, Abdi was route towards France, "this country" that thrills the young gay of the Maghreb, with its image of homo Eldorado fueled by TV and the internet On the spot, it is the enormous distance that exists between his naive dream and reality. "Four months after the beginning of the academic year, I had to go to the evidence and abandon my studies. I had no resources, no fixed accommodation, I abandoned architecture and searched for a small job. To survive, I found a job of cashier in a gay club. Then, in March 2009, I met Olivier, my boyfriend. It was serious, I preferred to change work and prospecting in the restoration. Patterns have trusted me and hired me. Black, I started diving, I worked, grown and earned my stripes as head of the hot in the kitchen... Unfortunately, I was still without papers. Even more students, not really employed, I was not able to seek and hope residence of long-term...»

Supported by his companion, Ashraf then started its adjustment steps, last summer. In parallel, the lovers is pacsent. By love, but also no doubt, firstly to facilitate the obtaining of a visa... Because if the conclusion of a pacs does not imply any acceptance of a regularization of automatic folder it is in any case a favourable assessment of personal links in France to the title of "private and family life '... For the time being, demand for papers of Ashraf remains unanswered.

Three years imprisonment

"And it is the problem of my client, says master Landete, Council of Ashraf. There in fact no papers allowing him to stay legally in France and his return to Tunisia is a risk. In fact, you need to know when it is pacsed, Abdi motivated his application for residence by taking a clear position on the question of his sexuality. What exposes it, back in his native country, serious consequences. In Tunisia, male homosexuality is punishable under article 230 of the penal code, by three years ' imprisonment. «Without clear answer of the prefecture at the request of my client registered August 11 (prefecture has four months to decide, Editor's note), I plan to apply to the administrative court.»

Abdi expected so the decision that will enable him to get the precious residence permit, every day, the fear. Fear of a control ID, which would be followed by a return forced in Tunisia, where the victory of the Islamist party Ennahda seems to have further weakened the position of gays. "I just came to look in France a normal life...", blows Abdo.

Bordeaux: Waiting for papers, a gay Tunisian lives the fear - stubborn