Mar 012012
Christian Vanneste 1

In a letter to the head of UMP deputies, the elected representative of the North crying 'lynching' and warned against the proliferation of gays and their supporters in the presidential party, according to him 'by cooptation.

The UMP Deputy Christian Vanneste, Northern, railed. In a letter to the leader of the UMP deputies, Christian Jacob, he returns to the outrage caused by his remarks on the "legend of the deportation of homosexuals' (read our last article), denouncing"a media operation"mounted against him.
"So-called promise".

Christian Vanneste denounces the "lynching" which he has been after his statements in a video on 10 February on the site. "The goal was to demonstrate the ability of the pressure group to misinform. The events have exceeded my worst fears"he said.

The UMP withdrew last week his nomination for the next legislative and the possible renewal of its mandate. But the party has not pronounced its exclusion, yet announced, ensuring that the person concerned was committed to leave himself the party. A discount version in question by Christian Vanneste: ' other [the UMP officials] tried to cover up the legal impossibility in which they were to request my exclusion, for simply mentioning a historical truth. '' They are are allowed then to announce a so-called promise on my part to leave political life."

"The activists are proliferating.

"My statements on homosexuality are rare, much less harsh than some of our friends. They are based on historical, psychological and anthropological knowledge"but are" invariably censorship, which tends to me ban mentioned the subject, no doubt as a result even the relevance of my words ", says the elected representative of the North.

"The thought police is intolerant and therefore intolerable. '' It reigns in our ranks","in proportion to the activists who co-opted, are proliferating. You should further take custody", still writes Mr. Vanneste to Mr. Jacob. Northern MP criticizes also the weight within the UMP of a "communitarian and intolerant pressure group", without mentioning GayLib, the association for the defence of LGBT rights close to the UMP, which has however distanced himself a few weeks ago with Nicolas Sarkozy, following his against the opening of marriage to couples of the same sex

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