Apr 182013
Bar gay saccagé à Lille

Three employees of a gay bar in the centre of Lille were slightly injured Wednesday, April 17 in the evening in an attack by four men who were subsequently arrested, was learned from the owner of the establishment.

The attack took place around 10 p.m., when "four individuals (...) 25 to 35 years, with shaved heads and tattoos" arrived at the bar, said Yaqoob J., the owner, who said he was insulted because of his homosexuality.

Faced with the refusal of the Manager "lower the eyes", the four men "took the furniture" installed on the terrace and "threw it in the showcase, according to Yaqoob J."

"I took a Chair head," said Yohan J., whose face bore bruises late in the evening, while shards were visible on the Windows of the bar.

Four men arrested

According to the Manager, his partner and a server were also injured, especially on the nose.

Arrived on the spot after 10 minutes, police quickly spotted the four assailants suspected the neighbouring streets, the owner of the bar the having recognized.

The four men were arrested, according to Yaqoob, J., who was convinced that the assault was linked to the "voltage" surrounding the debate on same-sex marriage.

"They clearly told me ' your mouth dirty fag, look me in the eyes if you got balls '", tells the owner of the bar interviewed on France Info. "Clearly it's homophobia. They had really come to break the pede", he added. "Currently, there is a context in which where the gay community is in danger."

Bruno, the former boss of the bar who was present during the assault also gave his views on France Info: "they did not come here by chance, they came to bring down the House. This violence, it's new. It did not exist 1 year ago or 6 months. There is a speech in France that makes you want to break the FAG."

The owner has decided to maintain its open establishment and activity seemed to be returned to normal late in the evening.

Joined by AFP, neither the Northern prefecture, or the departmental Directorate of public security (DDPS) were able to confirm the aggression and stops.

Clashes in Lyon

The same evening, 15 of the nationalist youth activists attempted to occupy the Lyon permanence of the Socialist Party, causing scuffles with the police.

The cry of "Casse_ toi Taubira" and "France to the French blue, white and Red", extreme right-wing militants stood behind a banner stating "Marriage, adoption, not question" by attempting to force the entrance to the headquarters of the PS.

After half an hour of clashes with the security forces, eight protesters, including the leader of the group, were arrested and placed in custody for disturbing public order.

Gay bar ransacked in Lille: "They had come to break the pede" - Le Nouvel Observateur

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