Mar 242013
France - Anti-mariage gay - entre 300.000 et 1,4 million de manifestants à Paris

For them, it is a victory! Organizers of the rally against the marriage of homosexuals Sunday in Paris claimed "at least 1.4 million" participants on Twitter.

"At least 1 400 000 demonstrators formed the great army of French thrown against the Bill Taubira", they then said in a statement.

They said, during their previous demonstration on 13 Januarybringing one million people, against an estimate of 340 000 police. It is also a number down as the prefecture of police of Paris has announced this Sunday about 6 p.m., referring to 300,000 participants. 'The final figures will be communicated at the beginning of next week, after watching all the films of the event', said a spokesman for the prefecture of police of Paris. "Laughable" and "grotesque" figures according to the leader of the demonstration, Frigide Barjot...

VIDEOS. Gay anti-marriage: between 300,000 and 1.4 million demonstrators in Paris