May 132013
4 hommes en garde à vue après une agression contre un bar gay

The trial of three men prosecuted for assaulting April 17 two managers and the Lille gay bar server, scheduled Monday afternoon before the correctional tribunal of Lille, will be returned at the request of the Prosecutor's Office. The defendants will be tried in direct quotation and not in immediate appearance as decided by mistake initially parquet Lille.La new trial date will be announced at the hearing on Monday afternoon, according to the same source.

Aged 18 to 25, the three defendants are suspected of having beaten the boss of Vice & Versa, a gay of the Vieux-Lille cheese, his partner and a server, bar uttered homophobic insults and damaged bar furniture and showcase it on the evening of April 17.

The three men then fled and were arrested shortly after. They were detained in custody following before being released under judicial control on 2 May. This aggression, in full debate on same-sex marriage, had aroused a strong emotion.

They are suspected of assaulting several people a Lille gay bar. Three men, aged 18 to 25 years, should appear this Monday afternoon before the correctional tribunal of Lille for hitting the boss of Vice & Versa, insulting another Manager and a server and degraded the bar furniture and its showcase.

"They have all traces of blows"

"My customers expect to be recognized as victims and that this does not happen," said to AFP Me Aurélien Blat, lawyer of the two managers and the server which have formed civil. "They are shocked that the facts have been committed because of their sexual orientation." No ITT total incapacity for work) had however been adopted by justice. "But there are forensic medical certificates which confirm the shots, they all traces of blows," said Me Blat.

"Coffee remained open until 03:00 in the morning, the feast has continued," said one of the defence lawyers, Mr. Maxime Moulin. His client, aged 24 years, acknowledges that damage, he said, but not the insults and violence. "He said 'identity' but does not belong to any political group or political party," according to the lawyer.

Belonging to an extremist movement

Arrested shortly after the acts committed, the three men had claimed during their custody their belonging to an extremist movement. Then, they had been presented to the tribunal in immediate appearance. Two of them sought a postponement of the hearing, it had been referred to May 13. The three defendants had been placed in pre-trial detention before being released under judicial control on 2 May.

Aggression homophobe in a gay bar in Lille: probably postponed trial - company - MYTF1News

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