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The personal development site BienEtreGay (www.bienetregay.com) (*) conducted a study for France gay manners and understanding the changes between the generations. A rich survey of lessons.

Is it important to be between gay?

In response to this question, the study reveals that young gay people are less committed to the existence of the Community (less than 20% for less than 20 years) than the older generations ( 50% for 60 years and more). This is a generational phenomenon. For a second person, the existence of a gay community (including internet sites) first is a way to meet friends, which does not preclude membership (40%) judging it "too stereotyped. The initiator of the study, Cyril Rochoy (www.bienetregay.com), sees a "strong aspiration to return to more humane values less commercial or superficial. This medium is not inevitable, far from it, but barriers persist. And 70% of the interviewees who do not attend the gay community do not, simply because they are too... shy!

What is the ideal man?

From the physical point of view, the favorite gay profile is that of an active, athletic, hairy, man with brown hair (short cuts) and blue eyes. But there are large variations in the portrait of the dream Appolon, depending on the ages and generations. Psychologically, the categories vary. Many gay display their originality (17.3% of respondents define themselves as well) and themselves interested by the taste, fashion, brands, the appearance and beautiful things. Other identifiable groups: 'worried' about sexually transmitted diseases (13.9%), 'sociable' very uncomfortable in society (13.6%), 'assets' to high revenues (12.1%), "enthusiastic", party-goers and sexuality rather unbridled (11.8%), the "thoughtful", grown and aware of the gay News (10.6%), the rigorous (10.6%) and leaders (10.1%). The question "do you feel better now than in the past?", a majority of the 40-60 age responds (better or much better). Self-esteem of gays is generally good (level 5 out of 10 from 25 years). It increases with age, related to maturity (level 6 to 40-50 years, level 7 at 50-60 years). Beyond 60 years, she decrease for several reasons: isolation, difficulties please, old age. For the interviewees, the positive aspects of being gay are diverse. Answers that are at the top: more freedom, equality in the couple, having more friends, more fulfilling sexuality...

Gays and the couple

At the time of the study, approximately 23% of 25-30 years were as a couple. Throughout the panel (aged 18 to 65 years), this percentage reaches 16%. Less than 25 years, the essential values that share the lovers are the love, loyalty and passion. Between 25 and 35 years of age, love and passion are essential but understanding comes in third position. Finally, after 35 years, behind the love comes the complicity and understanding. Notable statistics: 57% of those interviewed have a stable relationship (over 6 months) during the past five years. Where are the meetings? The question 'how did you know your buddy?', less than 20 years meet primarily via the Internet and in the clubs. But for all generations, the evenings between friends are important. Loneliness is the main fear of gays, with the fear of old age that accentuates this phenomenon. These two fears increase over 50 years. She seems to develop the desire of stability without provided translate into numbers of couples.

Fidelity, thorny issue

To the question "Do you think that gays are faithful?", 76% of the interviewees respond not against only 15% positive reviews. But, paradoxically, to the question 'are you true?', 52% responded yes, against 36% of non. The two main causes of rupture in the couples are ' not be done for the other ' and deception in all its forms (the fact of being responsible or being victim). Couple in life? More than 40% so desire but do not believe. Nearly 35% gays think it's downright impossible. Infidelity, young couples, increases the rate of breakages. On the other hand, among the more than 40 years, it seems to extend the duration of the couples... because it is negotiated and fully assumed.

(*) This study was conducted in December 2011 to BienEtregay. This barometer was the subject of 2 phases: a qualitative phase with 60 interviews in-depth face to face on Paris, Aix en Provence and Lille. A quantitative phase was also conducted with representative gay 1.4969 in terms of age between 18 and 65 years, CSP, locality for cities of more than 15,000 inhabitants. A limitation of the study is on the Sub data representation in rural in the cities at least 15,000 inhabitants. Also, under-representation of 60-65 years.

Charles Desjardins

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