May 082013
Krista Sigfrieds

In fact, all political statements at the Eurovision Song Contest are prohibited. But no matter, this is the Finnish representative. Krista Siegfrids sings quite cleverly for the opening of the marriage, without violating the strict guidelines.

At first glance it comes with "Marry Me" to a girl, that would do anything for her boyfriend makes her an offer of marriage. In reality, it is a political protest against the decision of the Finnish Parliament, which last year wanted to open the marriage not for lesbians and gay men. According to will kiss also another girl Krista Siegfrids during the performance on stage.

Accordingly she hopes that even the gay and lesbian community supports her song at the song contest in Malmö. A violation of the strict rules she sees it not: "I don't think that 'Marry Me' is political. It is about love and tolerance. But the gay marriage is not allowed in Finland and this is incorrect. Also I wanted to say something."

Song at the forefront of a movement that wants to convince the Parliament

"Marry Me" is therefore also the anthem of the advocates of opening up of marriage for lesbians and gay men in Finland. More than 100,000 Finns have already signed a petition to Parliament of this topic once again tackles.

Also, if the song by the radar of Song Contest Parties has slipped: Krista Sigfrieds might have problems with their performance. Because a kiss between two women could make problems especially in Eastern Europe, where homophobia is still widely used. Such a kiss on stage was prohibited from even a few years ago the Russian Bühnenlesben of tAtU.

But apparently Sigfrieds has still an ACE in the sleeve: "I'm planning a surprise at the end of my performance. It's live television, so no one can stop me,"promises the Finn. [Video] Krista Sigfrieds homosexual marriage brings to the song contest

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