Mar 122012

The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, in the United States, has unveiled its decision to finance an organization nonprofit that helps homeless in the North American country. The Catholic Diocese has justified its decision to Recalling the statements in favor of equal marriage that the President of the Organization carried out to homeless people.

The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, California, has stopped funding the Francis House, a homeless aid organization, once Director of the group, the Rev. Methodist Faith Whitmore, to show his support for equal marriage and abortion.

The Catholic Diocese has decided to withdraw its aid towards the Organization despite the fact that these are the main contribution that has the group to continue its work of helping poor people, so the Organization could close soon due to the cessation of financial support from the Catholic Church.

The decision of the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento has occurred since the Rev. Methodist Faith Whitmore has supported the marriage between people of the same sex and abortion, in addition to having carried out the marriage of homosexual couples in the year 2008, which equal marriage in California was permitted.

The Reverend has defended its support for equality in marriage and the woman's right to abortion, although it has alleged that the defence of human rights does not carry out as Reverend of the United Evangelical Methodist Church, but as a person.

"It is impossible for the diocese to continue funding the Organization," defended the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento for a letter that was sent last February to the Reverend Whitmore announcing the cessation of aid towards the activities of the Organization in favour of homeless people.

The Catholic Diocese of the Californian town has defended his decision since, although today the Francis House is a non-denominational organization, in the past it was a religious group, by which alleges that could lose donations by its believers if they believe that the comments in favour of the equality of the Reverend are carried out from a religious group.

Alexander Rocha