May 132013
España - Tres cuartas parte de las familias homosexuales con hijos están encabezadas por mujeres

Three-quarters of gay families with children are headed by women. They have it easier for offspring and resort majority to artificial insemination and fertilization in vitro, whereas men have to travel abroad to contract the services of the surrogacy (surrogate pregnancy). According to a survey conducted by Santiago Agustín Ruiz, Professor of psychology at the University autonomous of Madrid (UAM), a 40.9% of gay and lesbian families have found rejection inside even from their parents and relatives. However, the study sheds positive indicators, although the need that the Administration change their habits and adapt to the new reality is evident.

The study ' families homo in Spain: social integration, needs and rights ' have participated in 71 families (73.2% headed by women) residing in nine different autonomous communities and children from one month of life up to 18 years. Judging by the results, homosexual parents feel integrated, even though they have suffered sometimes contempt and discrimination because of their sexual orientation.

Interestingly, despite the rants of Catholic hierarchy against same-sex marriage, some of these couples "actively participate" in the life of his Church. The feeling of lack of understanding of Catholic homosexuals with family dependants comes more than the Church Dome to parish groups. However, the priests sometimes reveal attitudes of misunderstanding when it comes to baptize their children, and where access often require that you register as a father or mother to only one of the spouses. 84.9% Of the families discarded to enroll their children in religious schools for fear of being marginalized.

73.2% Are families formed through assisted reproduction techniques, followed by those that have opted for adoption (15.5%) and the host (4.2%). A small part of the children were born as a result of heterosexual relationships: 5.6% came from a previous heterosexual relationship and 1.4% of an agreement with a heterosexual person.


Three fourth part of gay families with children are headed by women. Ideal

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