Feb 242012
Ingrid y Danelle

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Danielle and Ingrid left behind and their lives and their countries in search of a future better and made their way to Europe through Ceuta. Arrested for illegal entry in Spain, two African women were interned on 21 July 2010, at the center of temporary stay of immigrants (CETI). There they met and fell in love. And they suffered harassment from other immigrants because of their homosexual orientation. Two years later they will celebrate the first marriage of two undocumented sub-Saharan migrant women.

His dream has been to marry in Ceuta, and there, they will travel from Getafe (Madrid), where they currently reside. Women - one from Cameroon and one from the Republic of Guinea - planned travel to the autonomous city to carry out this union, which will mean a new fact to be of people who lack any type of documents to prove their identity.

Most importantly, the authorization of a judge of Ceuta, have to hold the link in Ceuta city in the last two weeks of April, reported sources of the CETI. Now they need to solve some more permissions.

Ingrid Rosselyne, the Republic of Guinea, and Danielle Nicole, born in Cameroon, both aged 21, requested international protection on August 9, 2010, when they were about 19 days since joining in the Centre, after entering illegally from Morocco.

In September 2011 were transferred to a Spanish Commission of assistance to refugees (CEAR) Centre in Getafe, since residents "in some cases" were forced to endure harassment, insults and threats"of a"small group"of immigrants who lived in the CETI of Ceuta by its declared homosexual orientation, according to the data provided in a statement by the delegation of the Government in Ceuta.

Following the procedures in the Civil Registry, this Friday the Manager of the Office of the Registrar of Ceuta has reported that the judge in charge of the registry has authorized the contraction of civil marriage.

The Spanish Commission of help to refugees (CEAR) has pointed out that it is the first time that a marriage between spouses of the same sex and undocumented immigrants is authorised in Spain.

First same-sex wedding of two immigrants African 'sans-papiers' | Spain | Elmundo.es