Nov 292012

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Uge Sangil, Coordinator of the Education Area of the FELGTB, considered that "the sexual diversity of our future professionals training is a pending issue for our universities. The inclusion of the same would mean lower levels of violence in our schools". These statements come in line with the start tomorrow of the third university days in the FELGTB affective-sexual education, co-organized together with the Office of solidarity action UAM and UAM understands, as part of the project of the State Federation of lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals to train future professionals of teaching, sociology or psychology, among othersaffective diversity, identity and family.

Sessions, subsidized by the Ministry of health, social services and equality, have a duration of 20 hours and there are already more than one hundred of people registered. Among the different subjects, addressed the affective-sexual diversity work from the good practices already implemented in some schools of Spain. It will also give to the alumnadoherramientas to work the affective-sexual diversity and will present the latest research, as the study suicide risk in young LGB or the affective-sexual diversity report on teacher training and school homophobic harassment.

There will also be space for young LGBT perspective both from the national and international levels, as well as to discuss the differences in how people live this reality in different parts of the planet, with examples of Romania, Honduras and Venezuela.

Jesús Generelo, Secretary General of the FELGTB, pointed out that "once reached already unquestionably constitutional, legal equality, real equality is non-discrimination and awareness of LGBT reality. Young and homosexual, bisexual and transgender adolescents need safe development spaces in classrooms, protection and equality."

For more information and full program, Click on this link.