Jan 222013

Finally, and despite the opposition from the Secretary of the plenary of the city of Cordoba, this has discussed the proposal of the municipal group of Izquierda Unida of failing the words of Bishop Demetrio Fernández, who in a recent pastoral letterloaded against which called "gender ideology", transgender people, the"radical feminism" or non-traditional family models. The motion has been rejected Thanks to the comfortable majority the PP enjoyed in Cordoba after the last municipal elections.

IU has counted with the support of the Socialist Group and a Councillor of Union Cordoba (UCOR), while the PP, also seconded by other Councillors of UCOR (which has five Councillors in total) have opposed. The motion presented by UI proposal urged the Andalusian Parliament to pressure the Government of Spain to promote a law of equal treatment which avoid statements such as the Fernandez. Also called on the Council of Government of the Junta de Andalucía that put in place the legal mechanisms in the framework of its powers enabling prevent cases of harassment and discrimination for reasons of sexual identity or orientation, as well as to approve as soon as possible the comprehensive law of transsexuality, whose project It has already been presented.

According to a spokesman of the municipal government, Miguel Angel Torrico (PP), there was no place to be placed on the words of the Bishop "a private person"that"away from the political arena“. “The scope for these issues is not the city, regardless of the content of the statements", she added. The spokesman of UCOR, Juan Miguel Alburquerque, has argued that the plenary session of the City Council "it is not the competent body to do this kind of motions"indicating that the road appropriate to determine if the words of the Bishop have violated or not constitutional rights was the judicial. According to Albuquerque, it is not function of the plenary in the city"reproaching ecclesiastical order that we don't have anything that see, or I would like that they lodged in the work of what we accept in full the“. Councilman Carlos Baquerín has cleared the rest of his group, however, and has voted in favour of the motion.

IU, Francisco Tejada, spokesman has defended that the motion was"absolutely respectful with the figure of the Bishop and with the Christians who profess the Catholic religion"since"all I asked is that the demonstrations that are made in relation to persons, are sex whatever and have position, gender and sexual orientation that have located in the scope of the Constitution and not the insult and the lack of respect for the dignity of persons“. "The spokesperson for the PSOE, Juan Pablo Durán, said for his part that the Fernández Bishop, with his statements,"It is causing a great disservice to the thousands of Catholic believers Assembly“. “Thousands of believers devoted his life of truth dedicating it to others and the leader handpicked the ecclesial hierarchy in Cordoba is dedicated to the minimum part should be devoted to the bishopric", a judgement of the Socialist spokesman is nothing more than"the confrontation and ideological statements against the Constitution“.

The President of the Association of transsexuals of Andalusia (ATA), sea Cambrolle, It has taken the floor before the Housegiving their support to the motion and calling for prosecutors to act ex officio against the Bishop, whose words pose in an opinion advocating violence.

We leave you with the video the intervention of Cambrolle collecting:

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