Dec 262011

Fortunately nowadays, the visibility of the LGTB collective in Spain can be considered the best and the most evident so far in history. However, that cannot believe that in the past the gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual men never existed, which were always completely hidden, or that at no time were accepted as normal.

Thus, although it is unknown by the vast majority, already in the Hispania of Islam was openly public homosexual tendency of citizens of walk and even leading figures of politics or literature.

An example of this is located in the splendid Caliphate Cordoba where even gays, as if the current Chueca, it had its own neighborhood that received the name of Derb Ibn Zaydun.

In the same way, the figure of some Caliphs as the famed Abderramán III (first Umayyad Caliph of Cordoba mentioned) or Hishan which were openly bisexual is remarkable. A condition is that remained patent in the fact that had their male lovers who were to its service and disposal.

And not to forget the figure of the King of Sevilla Al - Mutamid, who lived a beautiful love story with the poet Ibn Ammar. So deep was the monarch felt by him who decided to turn it into one of the most powerful men in Spain for Yes to have it always close.

All of this demonstrates that tolerance and respect for the LGTB collective is not something new because now our ancestors developed it with firmness and naturally many times. This example to our society that, on occasions, thinks he has the scoop of values already felt and performed in the past.

A new lesson that gives us the story.

Homosexuality in the era of Islam in Spain