Jun 242012
Iñaki Oyarzábal

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It was no secret, either in his party or in the Basque political world, but Iñaki Oyarzábal has decided to go a step further and make public their homosexual condition to give visibility and normalcy to something that thought is to keep hidden. The Secretary general of the Basque PP has agreed to appear on a list of the 50 most influential homosexuals of Spain which annually publishes the newspaper 'El Mundo' on the occasion of the celebration of the day of Gay pride, and that accompany it, among others, the judge Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Ararteko Iñigo Lamarca or Pedro Zerolo (PSOE) and Miquel Iceta (PSC) leaders.
Although there are many politicians who have come out of the closet, the truth is that Oyarzabal is the first member of the dome of the PP is also Secretary of Justice, rights and freedoms of the National Executive - who decides to take his homosexuality publicly. A more arduous step in a party that once made the decision to appeal to the constitutional law of same-sex marriages and where openings and centrists declared as the own Oyarzabal with militants of deep religious convictions.
Something that also happens in the dome of the Basque PP, where, for example, the President of the Basque Parliament, Arantza Quiroga, is declared always Catholic practitioner. However, party supplies told this newspaper that the leadership of the party in full has appreciated and applauded the courage of his 'number two' and 'splendid' decision. The Vitoria politician, who has never hidden that he is gay and has even attended his accompanied by his partner training events, consulted a month ago Antonio Basagoiti convenience to step to the front. The President of the Basque PP gave not only his good pleasure, but they encouraged him, convinced that the only gesture could be positive for the image of the popular in the Basque country. "This is an open, modern and liberal party where fits around the world and has thus been revealed", said sources close to the popular address.
In fact, Oyarzabal, usually questioned in Madrid media linked to on the right wing, and political sectors received yesterday heat and applause of his own, who took advantage of the celebration of the Congress of the Gipuzkoa PP to wrap him. Especially significant was the intervention of the Minister of Justice, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, whose position in favor of gay marriage is well known, as well as the leaders of the Basque PP as Javier Maroto, Alfonso Alonso or the own Oyarzabal.
Greeting of the PSOE
«Iñaki, thank you. We know the value that has on policy coherence, authenticity. You, today, are an example of that authenticity and transparency. We are deeply grateful,"Gallardon, who described the Alava politician proclaimed as «authentic reference» of what it means to be the PP"We do the same thing in private than in public and teach our life because we have a right to be very proud of it,"said the Minister. Basagoiti, brief, clear also left the nearby: «Iñaki, we're with you. «Orain eta beti ', he said.
Also the Socialist Elena Valenciano congratulated him through his Twitter account and asked him to become «Ambassador» before his party will remove the controversial resource on homosexual unions.