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"God, grant me chastity, but not now", pleads for Saint Augustine in his book confessions. Sixteen centuries later, in 2002, that plea served introduction the careless Angel, a novel in which Eduardo Mendicutti recounts, with humour and tenderness, the romance between Rafael and Nicolas, two teenage novice who live their first love between cilicians, rubbings, the mystique of the faith and a stir of cassocks.

The writer remembers that decided to put that infatuation in the novitiate of a religious congregation because nowhere else the Idyll would have been able to develop with the same freedom: "the Church is tremendously intransigent with the homosexuality of doors out. However, doors for inside is involvement,"reflects.

Although he admits that the novitiates have changed a lot since the 1960s, moment in which takes place the novel, he regretted that the opinion of the Church hierarchy on issues like relations between people of the same sex has not made it just. For this reason, perhaps, the news that a small group of priests and nuns Catholics with homosexual orientation has begun to gather clandestinely to share their conflicts, support and fight for their right to belong to the Church seems an "arduous task". And, in a way, it adds, "contradictory". "It hard to understand the desire of some people of belonging to a system that crushes the gay community and discriminate it," he says.

It is not the only author who has treated the relations in religious areas. In 2004, several media highlighted points in common that existed between Mendicutti book teachers and some characters from the indent of Pedro Almodóvar rude. Something natural for the writer, since, as I pointed out then, both he and manchego filmmaker had lived "in Spain".

Also with critical desire, in the 18th century, French Denis Diderot recounted the religious meetings between the mother superior of a convent and the nuns that lived and who submitted. And in 1978 the novel outside of Jesús Fernández Santos won the national prize for literature for his story about an obsessive relationship between two nuns, halfway between sexuality and mysticism.

Gay literature starring religious, which has never been especially prolific, currently with suggestive titles such as lockers in the Cathedral, impure acts, other habits or I am gay by the grace of God.

The Bible and gay orientation

The specialized Librería Berkana in Madrid, has enabled on its website a section for topics of religious sphere. In it, as well as novels like that so still time, Madol Farrés, which anyone, from Brunon Zanin, to not know or all the parks are not paradise, Antonio Roig Rosello, the three above the male desire experienced by members of the Church, contained an extensive repertoire of essays that analyze the position of the Catholic institution against homosexuality. It is the case of what the Bible really says about homosexuality, in which Daniel. A. Helminiak gay theology guru brings together different theories to demonstrate that any biblical passage condemns this sexual orientation.

The evolution of the thought of the Church on the relations between people of the same sex throughout the centuries is reviewed, rigorously, in the book Christianity, Social tolerance and homosexuality of the scholar John Boswell, who served as Professor of history at Yale University.

While works as they try to fight the rejection that the ecclesiastical institution shows towards his minions gays, others such as the Popes and sex (Eric Frattini), entangled the pontiffs in stories of vices, eroticism and conspiracies. It almost seems that you as revenge.

Understanding and conflict

Also the film has dived in the conflicts of the institution of the church members who cannot avoid feeling attracted to others of the same sex. The most famous case was the Priest (Cura) film, in which the Director Antonia Bird showed with respect and sympathy a priest muscled fighting between their love for God and his love for another man.

In 2008, the film doubt (John Patrick Shanley) established a duel of attitudes and prejudices suspected homosexuality of a chaplain that stands out in the 1960s for his advanced ideas.

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