Apr 012013

· More than 200,000 leaflets are distributed by all Spain

· The campaign hopes gay entertainment spaces membership from the web ponteloponmelo.es

It's been 23 years since the legendary campaign and the health Area of the triangle Foundation wanted to rescue her and give it a twist more orientation towards the younger gay community. HIV was reducing its incidence in the 1990s but since the middle of the first decade of the century the trend changed again. Now gays or men who have sex with men represent the population group with more people living with HIV. The two indispensable elements are (with condom) prevention and early diagnosis (with HIV test). Life expectancy is triggered when the diagnosis is made within the first 12 months.

Not a single factor that explains why the gay population has more HIV than other towns, here there is no vale simplification. The campaign wanted to highlight ten 'Symptoms' that lead to the gay population have HIV. The reality of HIV has no symptoms, but have some beliefs that lead to transmission as for example "think that not have HIV" or say "I do only hair with you" are symptoms of a person who may become infected from HIV in the future or may be infected and not know it.

"We believe that gays are lowering the guard and is unacceptable that year after year more and more people who are infected. Entities have a social responsibility is the promotion of public health. Since founding triangle we have spent over 18 years working but it is not enough and have to do more"he says José María Núñez presidente de la Fundación triangle. Not in vain the campaign boasts more than 200,000 materials scattered half Spain as well as a viral campaign from social networks and the web ponteloponmelo.es

For Raúl González, national coordinator of the Area of health the triangle Foundation "is a risky and very sexed campaign which seeks two goals clear: first to increase the use of condoms, to reduce rates of infection, and second that the people doing the HIV test". The triangle Foundation performs each year hundreds of HIV testing that reduces time of the diagnosis of HIV infection and increase the male life expectancy.

And that the life expectancy of a person with HIV is inversely proportional to the time living with the virus without being treated. When it runs less than a year that a person is infected and that person is life expectancy is maximum.

Find out about the campaign: www.ponteloponmelo.es

campaña estatal de prevención del sida de fundación triángulo. Póntelo pónmelo. 2013