Apr 122012
Obispo de Alcala de Henares

The Bishop said that "those people by ideologies that end up not guiding well human sexuality they already think from children whose attraction to people of the same sex, and sometimes to check it they corrupt and prostitute themselvesn or club night men will tell you that they find hello".

During his speech, that is available on the website of TVEE, also referred to "some of these attracted by homosexuality, children who have been abused in their own families".

Also, the Bishop referred to voluntary interruption of pregnancy to say that the woman who aborts "has destroyed itself" and "it has destroyed an innocent life". Led by the concern here, it is "seduced" with the idea of abortion.

It is not the first time that Bishop launches a message of this type. Less than a year ago, coinciding with the celebration of Gay pride, he published a guide with readings and advice to cure homosexuality.


The Bishop of Alcala de Henares charge against gays and abortion in the mass of TVE | News | Radio Madrid | Cadena SER