Apr 142013

Few days after the Bishop of Alcala de Henares, Juan Antonio Reig Pla, reiterated his homophobic statements from a year ago, issued by the 2 Spanish Television on the occasion of the the good Friday mass relaythe character takes a twist more. Far from clarified his statements homophobic, Reig accused now to the"Liberals and Marxists ideologies" of"destroy the sense of human sexuality".

"From the ideology of gender, human sexuality is not more than a cultural construct. "Are not born with the load of human nature and of being, but that each one can configure their sexuality from a practice of freedom subjective and simply utilitarian, carrying out the Promethean attitude of creating your own human condition", said the Bishop of Alcala on the occasion of the so-called "encounter international for life" held at the University San Pablo-CEU. It was precisely during the presentation of this event when a few days ago Reig reiterated his statements from a year ago, when it said that there are children who feel attraction to people of the same sex carried by "so many ideologies that they end up not orient what is human sexuality". "And sometimes to check they are corrupted and prostitutes or going to men night clubs. I assure you that they are hell"then, proclaimed in his famous homily. As explained this week Reig was referring to children who "by ideologies can doubt their status, their sexual identity and that sometimes can lead to one to try if you are in one way or another and testing can reach even to prostitution", According to him "specific cases that personally knows".

Reig is one of the Spanish Bishops openly and persistently homophobic. The Diocese of Alcalá, in front of which is, keeps on its website a page called"Homosexuality and hope"in which he defends that homosexual persons may cease to be. Among other materials, the page provides links to a series of "resources", some of them in dangerous "restorative therapies" line for the supposed cure of homosexuality. Particular concern is to contact parents of minors who appear "the trend" . "such behaviour".

LGBT groups condemn penultimate declarations of Reig

Reig's new statements take place when even echoes the condemnation of various groups and LGBT associations against his words this week. The State Federation of lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals (FELGTB) It said in a statement What "blindness of the prelate prevents you to see that it is impossible to teach or encourage to feel sexual orientation, but it is possible - and as such is criminalized by the Penal Code - inciting hate." The FELGTB recalled his report "Acoso Escolar homophobic and suicide risk in adolescents and young LGB" and in particular the testimony of several adolescents they studied in Catholic centers interviewed for the occasion. "One of the boys, Ernesto, expected that after suffering harassment for a while"in the end I took refuge in religion and I ended up feeling guilty for being for being so...”. Another boy, Gustavo, believed that go to a male Catholic Center worsened the situation of harassment: "I think that if had followed in the public school, with boys and girls, and normal people, well, not religious people, because it had happened a little bit bad for all this but not so bad, because there are girls, and the teachers are more progressive"”. Star, for his part, did not begin to accept up to age 18: "cOMO the College was Opus Dei, mega religious, how I was going to pass over your head that, ever. It was totally sinful”.

Hierarchies are far from a Church Foundation that works for inclusion and respect, as shown by the participation of groups and theologians of base in the I Jornadas faith and Sexual orientation that will be held next week in Madrid", said for his part the Coordinator of religious affairs of the FELGTB, Aurelio Lepe.

Also the Area of freedom of Sexual affective expression of Izquierda Unida (IU ALEAS) has ondenado the words of Reig", which in his view represent a"new insult to the collective of lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual and intersex people, those who are attacked systematically from the pulpit not conform to afectivo-sexuales practices regulated by the Catholic Church”. ALEAS-IU defends'all measures aimed at promoting equality, respect and commitment to the rights and sex-affective freedoms of persons, other than those orientation that are in perfect harmony with the doctrine of human rights and current international legislation", and laments the"lack of firmness, responsibility and political will"of the Government to the need to review bilateral relations between the State and the Catholic Church"allowing that this continue keeping a careful social privilege that position against the recognition of the equality of the different realities afectivo-sexuales”.

Also the Confederation colleagues He has criticized the words of the Bishop of Alcala. "We demand diocese and the set of public institutions that condemn the pitiful attempts to Reig Pla of the attention at the expense of the promotion of the suffering of the victims, so we call on the authorities and the prosecution to proceed to meet the case immediately."said its Secretary general, Rafael de el Moral.

Envoy Flick