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If it were not such a serious issue, some arguments of homophobes come to be even funny for pilgrims: "I hate fags. Not stand because I pay my taxes, "said a 53-year-old in 2011 with his wife ate at a restaurant in Madrid. In the next table, a young man kissed her boyfriend. "You have no shame, what a lack of respect, I have to see this!" He added. The man, angry, threw a glass of water on the table broke, injuring his hand in one of the two boys. The couple threatened to call the police, the assailant held idea: "Let them come, let them come and arrest you for fagot" and gave them a cup of coffee that was affixed to his head to the other. Four stitches. "It's amazing that these things happen yet," she managed to say the victim.

Yes go. Now is France, the France of liberty, equality and fraternity that suffers a wave of homophobic attacks coinciding with the approval, on Tuesday, gay marriage. On day 6, Wilfred of Bruijn, Dutch citizen living in Paris, he left the foxes face made while walking around hugging his partner. He came to hear a guy shouting "Look, fagots" and then came the shock. It was front page of many newspapers with his face full of scabs. According to the association SOS gala Homophobie, such attacks in the neighboring country grew by 5% last year (with the approval of the law on the horizon). But is that the same thing happened in Spain in 2005. Several groups then reported increased homophobia. The Catalan Association Front D'Alliberament Gai spoke in 2006 of an equal increase of 5% over the previous year, the approval of the regulations that pioneered the world.

I remember Carla Antonelli, transsexual actress, activist for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and member of the Assembly of Madrid by the PSOE: "Sure there was an increase in aggression, what happens on that occasion The Church was only fiercely against the rules, right underhand did so without giving many voices, with that action which he brought, because otherwise it would have been much worse. The problem in France is that all right together to stand against and instead of moving the 10,000 who heed ultra-religious groups have successfully put against millions of people. "

As an example, the number of reported homophobic attacks in Madrid quadrupled in just two years after the passage of the law, according to the Madrid Gay Collective (Cogam). Provide data: in 2005, homosexuals had five complaints that went to trial in the capital, one of the cities that suffer from homophobia. The following year they were once. And in the next twelve months reached 43 cases. "The PP, the Catholic Church and many groups coming to the church hierarchy have campaigned against such unions and that has encouraged this type of violence," said his spokesman. Keep in mind that, according to their statistics, over 70% of this type of assault never reported.

Antonelli warning that "the harangues of this type can be very dangerous." In France, there is an association that welcomes gay youth, Refugio, which has found increasing hate this: While the previous two years received an average of 150 calls for help, so far in 2013 have already reached 450. "Now that takes so much talk about Nazism, we must take into account what led a party to campaign against a group, in what became everything," says the activist. And attacks the Catholic Church: "Do not get involved, because they can not and should not, of course, with other groups, with the gypsies, blacks, Arabs ... But homosexuals are filled mouth. The previous Pope went on to say that gay marriage threatened the world peace and creation that were somewhat similar to the deforestation of the planet. Look, we, we reproduce like grasshoppers, who are already 700 million people around the world ... ".

The last strong homophobic attack in Bilbao media coverage occurred during one of the nights of the Great Week of 2011. A 29-year-old was repeatedly punched in the face by kissing with your partner and to lose consciousness, fell and hit his head. "Is that the demonstrations of affection between us are very bad views. On the subway this morning I saw a couple, boy and girl, giving a kiss, with tongue out and everything. If they do just that two gay men or lesbians ... "says Antonelli. A few months earlier, in November 2010, two young gay men were stabbed in Bilbao.

The well-known activist sustained his for being a transsexual and that in his case had the advantage of a physical that corresponds to what is expected of a woman. "Imagine what I have to put those who are much more visible than me." The worst years were the last 70's and early 80's, immediately following the death of Franco, when freedom pushed gay, lesbian and transgender people to take to the streets to claim their rights: "Police Beatings were frequent, although I especially remember when an ultra put a gun to his head. Things have changed a lot, but homophobia has not disappeared, much less. Still not long ago we were in a boat and a chavalitos Retiro started insulting us. Or in bars ... I almost always give the face, I face, except when there are six, of course, you can not play you ".


The revolution homophobic. The Courier

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