Dec 172012

"The suck is not appropriate coming from someone like you", it is the answer that (corrected faults) gave the Mayor of Alcala de Henares, Javier Bello (PP) to Víctor L. Delgado (member of UPyD on the Board of the first District of the city) which reproached him on Twitter his love to "suck on camera".

"The ability of the Mayor to suck camera and pose for photos is indirectly proportional to their ability to manage Alcala", Victor L. Delgado tuiteaba on December 14. Delgado to reference to the fact of that Javier Bello are his presence at an event organized by the AMPAS District I of Alcalá where their assistance was not initially planned and forced on the fly to disrupt the established script. 'Surprising' was the response of the Mayor: "Thanks man, it is sucking is not appropriate coming is someone like you" [sic]“.

"Do ' coming from someone like you '? Speak clearly and not throw the stone and hide the hand" It asked for clarification Víctor. L. Delgado, understanding (as it is impossible to do, on the other hand) that it was a homophobic comment.

Javier Bello (which precisely is Mayor thanks to the votes of the two councillors of UPyD, given by the absolute majority of which did not have only with the votes of the PP) not only not apologized to Delgado, but it was reaffirmed in the correctness of his conduct. "Incredible, when you answer the insult with more education the offending @upydalcalá q removed all viral machinery xa crush you." do #democracia? ", tuiteaba then given the avalanche of criticism that was receiving.

It said Bello to other tuitero, @JFDIAZDIAZ, addressed to the rather more explicitly: "pure homophobia the q has told the Mayor of Alcalá."@fjbello11 to.@Victor_lodel and Yes, gays sucked. "And we can use the word suck".

The response of the Mayor was @JFDIAZDIAZ xa nothing, all my respect to all people regardless of their preferences of any kind. Forgive you".

Alcalá de Henares UPyD condemns homophobia of the Mayor

UPyD Alcalá municipal group has expressed in a statement his revulsion for the comment of Bello. "From UPyD we believe it should be zero before any form of homophobia-tolerance, especially if this type of insulting and discriminatory expressions are spoken or implied by public officials of the Administration"expresses the statement. UPyD has demanded in addition to the Mayor "retract the unfortunate spillage homophobic comments, and proceed to publicly apologize."

Envoy Flick