Feb 162012

-Request discover the amount of financing approved by the Minister of tourism for these purposes
-Cuts censorship using homosexuals as claim tourist while out in social projects

-"We do censor the circuses of the Minister of tourism to not bet for Real equality but for squeeze us to make box" says Rafael Moral, Secretary General of the Confederation of Spanish colleagues

MURCIA 16 of February of 2012.-La CONFEDERACIÓN ESPAÑOLA of associations LGBT colleagues lambasting today the attitude of the Councillor of tourism of the Region of Murcia Pedro Alberto Cruz who proceeded to announce costs and investments for the promotion of the so-called "Gay tourism" in the Region of Murcia committing significant financial support for the creation of festivals and activities aimed at their promotion.

From the Confederation colleagues, that from 2 exercises saw muted social projects running in the region of Murcia has been censoring and regret the attitude of the Murciano counselor who launches excessive holiday spending rather than promote projects which promote the integration and uptake of tourism having repair any use of a collective that has suffered, and suffering, great situations of discrimination, as shown by the recent case of the judge in charge of the Civil Register, at the time that expresses a total abandonment in the area of social-assistance programs for the LGBT population sector.

COLLEAGUES, entity that ran over two years socio-welfare projects in DC.AA voided saw their budgets by the Executive of the Region of Murcia, which alleged economic motives, motive shared by the Confederation to understand the plight of clipping of the Executive of the Region of Murcia were forced to find alternative ways to meet the needs of different sectors. This exercise of responsibility of the Confederation colleagues contrasts with the deployment of economic resources promised by the Minister which has chosen to put the budget in the Region of Murcia in the service of the floats of the pride of Madrid and the recruitment of tourism that does not create equality but who works for the use and abuse of LGBT people and is notjudgment of colleagues, but a commodification of the collective which happens to be receiver of rights as consumer, or for their potential in consumption, and not as a citizen.

"It is shameful and all nonsense that a CC.AA with the level of debt of the Region of Murcia, which has to make swingeing cuts that have taken her on several occasions to consider including return competencies in the field of health to the State is released now questionably profitable investment only generated an image of total inequality would believe anything a person for being gay to earn more at end of month? Do you believe that sexuality is an economic plus in payroll or that the Sr.Consejero assumes that we have, like the rest of couples, families, children and thus the same level of charges, thanks to the reforms of egalitarian marriage, than the rest of couples? We do censor the circuses of the Minister of tourism to not bet for Real equality but for squeeze us to make box"said Rafael morals, General Secretary of the Confederation colleagues

The colleagues Confederal Executive has proceeded to request immediately a meeting with quoted Advisor as well as those responsible for the area of economic management of the regional government to know where it goes to get a regional government that ceaselessly announce logical cuts in the current context of crisis, the money to finance the floats sel counselor cross that looks like longing by placing to the Murcia in the grotesque and segregation as of achieve their goals.

If you do not get answers to these requests shall be to refer to the opposition groups corresponding applications as well as to address in amparo before the Ombudsman understood that violated the right to information as well as that is to generate a situation analogous to the advertising use of sexist and male chauvinist of LGBT as a tourist attraction peopledeserving the same reproach such advertising and use the rest of collective instrumentalized element that drives colleagues to ask if the Adviser would dare to use to the victims of the violence of gender, people with disabilities, Roma or any other collective in risk of social exclusion as a top tourist attraction.