Apr 142013

Samba Martine was 34 years old when he died of AIDS in a center of detention of foreigners (ICD) of Madrid, because it did not receive the necessary care.

The lack of coordination between two different ministries-dependent Government prevented his death would have been avoided.

CESIDA calls is Debug responsibilities public authorities and denounces the serious consequences of the limitations in access to health care.

Samba Martine was diagnosed with the infection by HIV when he came to the center of temporary stay of immigrants (CETI) of Melilla, dependent on the Ministry of employment. When it was moved to the center of internment of foreigners (CIE) in Madrid, responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior, this information is never shared between the two agencies. This Congolese woman died after repeatedly visiting Madrid ICN medical services, that at no time were familiar with its advanced stage of HIV infection.

Miguel Luis Tomás, Member of the Standing Committee of CESIDA, says "it is inadmissible that the lack of coordination between these two centres of two different ministries has caused the death of a person. Samba not received necessary care because medical personnel who assisted her repeatedly before his death was unaware of their HIV infection and complications with opportunistic diseases".

In this sense, CESIDA denounces the current situation of persons not regularized immigrants almost a year after entry into force of the Royal Decree. Miguel Luis Tomás said that "drastic health cuts and the limitations on access to health care are causing serious consequences on the right to health of the entire population, especially the most vulnerable. In the short term we will see more cases like Samba, even outside the internment of foreigners".


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