Aug 082012

Hugh Gilbert swears that "respects, loves and defends" against homosexuals. "Why it is good for a man to marry another, but it is not casaer with two women?"

Hugh Gilbert, Roman Catholic Bishop of Aberdeen (Scotland), has asked the Scottish Premier that it legalized incest, if finally approved a law of equal marriage in the region. "That equality should not extend to nieces who you really love their uncles?", said the religious.

The Catholic prelate not only committed to promoting incest, but also polygamy. "Why it's good for a man to marry another man but it is not good to marry two women?", asks.

"If we really want equality, why not extend equal to nieces who really love your guys?", is the Bishop of the Catholic Church.

It does not seem that the Scottish prelate bet by incest, but try desacrediter eventual marriage gay, ironically upon your approval.

And that Monsignor Gilbert says that having "some experience" with incest. "If you think that these things (incest and polygamy) does not happen, or that just freaks of nature make them, I say that you need you more time in the parish".

Regarding gay marriage, the Catholic Bishop said that "as a Bishop I know that there are gay people between the religious community." I swear that I always respect them, love them and defend them in their relationship with God, who loves you, but I will not marry them. Simply I do not think that it should be".