Feb 072013

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia returned to remember the position contrary to measures such as equal marriage and asks a defense of what for them is the only possible family, the heterosexual.

The President of the Pontifical Council for the family in the Vatican State, Vincenzo Paglia, has reignited the souls of the LGBT community after his homophobic statements in a press conference to present the activities of their congregation after the VII World meeting of families, which was held in Milan last June.

The Vatican Minister announced that the activities of the Council which presides over include the meeting Benedicto XVI with families from all over the world next October. A meeting will serve to reflect "on the importance of the family as a place of evangelization and cradle of the faith".

And is that for the prelate today there are "strong cultural opposition" to the family. Why? As for the cause is individualism, loneliness and the cult of the 'I'. "In a society is more individualistic increasingly easy to call into question both the marriage and the family, bringing him to the point of making disappear the meaning of the terms. Is it is reaching the point of not recognizing in marriage the root family and in this the basis of society", the Archbishop said.

After that, continued with his speech saying that family, the heterosexual, means "House, stability, growth and future", by Archbishop allowing is the audacity to demand a "more vigorous" defense "urgently" to make, "rapidly" in the center of politics, economy and culture.

To do this, Paglia wants also to make from the church a new pastoral of alleged assistance to families, to prepare young people with regard to marriage and to heal "wounds" that believe in these young families who, at times, engage in marriage annulment.

And is that the marriage between a man and a woman, is a "divine institution that is based on the life of people, prototype of all social order" for ecclesiastical leader and should be for life. To argue this last, neither short nor lazy, Paglia compared the love that there may be a couple that marries the love of football: He said that as that is said to someone the Lazio of Rome forever, "not be can tell the same to the woman or her husband?"

After this anachronistic speech, the Archbishop still wondered why the Church "is accused of conservative", when for it only defends "the very future of society". And it is that Catholic leaders for the future of the society can only be in a manner and they are "conservatives" of the same.

Of course, the Vatican Minister you left over time to congratulate and give clear support to the fierce opposition from the French Church against the draft law presented by the Gallic Executive to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption by this type of couples.

In this same order, He reiterated his stance against the adoption of children by homosexual couples because the Church children need both a father and a mother, and not a "parent A" and a "parent B".

Pedro M. Bravo