Feb 272013
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The Vatican denied the existence of the so-called gay lobby and "misinformation and even slander" of the Italian press about possible intrigues in the upper echelons of the Holy See.

The Vatican spokesman rejected "disinformation, and even slander", possible above intrigues in the upper echelons of the Holy See and the existence of the so-called "gay lobby", a cross network United by thesexual orientationpublished in the press in recent days, while preparing the last Angelus of Benedict XVI.

"There are who tries to take advantage of the movement of shock and disorientation", after the announcement that Pope Benedicto XVI will leave his post, "to sow confusion and discredit the Church," Federico Lombardi, said in an interview with Vatican Radio.

"Those who only think of money, sex and power, and they are accustomed to seeing different realities with those criteria, they are not able to see anything, not even in the Church, because your eyes don't know go up or down with depth in the spiritual motivations of existence", added.

A series of revelations about a plot of corruption, sex and influence-peddling in the Vatican, released last week by the Italian press, casts a shadow over the conclave for the election of a new Pope. The allegations, published by two major media of Italy, the newspaper La Repubblica and the magazine Panorama, ensure that the Pope decided to leave the post after receiving a top secret 300-page report by three elderly and faultless Cardinals.

The report describes the internal struggles for power and money, as well as "blackmail" based on sexual weaknesses internal system, the so-called "gay lobby" in the Vatican.

On the other hand, the city of Rome prepares for the celebration of the last Angelus of Benedict XVI as Pope before abando the Chair of Peter on February 28, event that is expected to be massive despite bad weather.

After his absence for a week to attend spiritual exercises and yesterday received in private audience to the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, the reappearance of the pontiff in public is sought by the faithful who want to say goodbye.

Joseph Ratzinger will today preside over his last Angelus looking out the window of his apartment in the Pontifical Palace, where every Sunday for nearly eight years comes directing his speech to faithful and pilgrims.

Therefore it will be, last Sunday in which Pope Ratzinger bless the congregants at St. Peter, invite the prayer, say their Sunday reflection on the Gospel and greet the people arrived in the Vatican in at least eight languages.

The wait for his speech pronounced Benedicto XVI is raising great expectations among the media and Italian society.

The Angelus will be prayed by an outgoing Pope, has decided the Rome authorities to reinforce security in view of the expected influx of pilgrims.

Now, again, the basilica of San Pedro of the Vatican will be the center of attention and become the protagonist of many media that, since Benedicto XVI announced his resignation on February 11, are stationed on the outskirts of the square.

Source: The journal.