Apr 072013

The portal cinegay.org published the video of a fragment of the film "Wings" (Wings), filmed in 1927 and where we can observe a scene filled with homoeroticism.

The story around which revolves the film, talks about two good friends in the war, also fighting for the love of the same woman, the scene is full of passionate performances that evoke a love beyond friendship.

'Wings' was also the first tape that won the Academy Award as "best film" and the only moult before "The artist", in Michael Hazanavicius last year.

The actors are Charles Rogers and Richard Arlen, and although not represent precisely homosexual roles, well present at the scene and perhaps managed eroticism as tool of tension to the edge of the seat to the spectators.

The final kiss is in the middle of the mouth, an indication that definitely wasn't coincidence in the stage direction or script. Although they are not two homosexual men, if they are two men kissing.

Alexa Lopez