Feb 212013

Earned applause from the passengers of the Metropolitan to reply to a preacher who arremtia against gays

Last weekend, a preacher delved into the underground of the American city, in order to propagate their ideology on the LGBT community. The man boarded the passenger with the idea that We live in a society that is wrong if you intend to teach children respect for homosexuals, emphasizing even, that Michael Jackson was killed for being gay.

These statements so retrograde of the preacher, a young gay man could not be stopped, and decided to respond to these words. "You teach hatred. You are a false prophet. Don't listen to this man. It is afraid. It is full of hatred", and stressed "I am a man. I am a good man. I am gay and Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me!". This message so sense, was enough to silence the preacher and win a well-deserved round of applause part of the public, who did not hesitate to sound.

Scenes like that in the New York subway, are firm testimony that we still live in a stagnant society, where homophobia is evident in many aspects.

Mª Jesus Romero