Aug 082012

The American researcher James Olson He has defended the idea that According to the dominant cerebral hemisphere in a person of the same sexual orientation you can meet.

The idea expounded by Olson is based on numerous studies conducted around the world on thes brain differences between homosexual and heterosexual people.

The American researcher has defended that heterosexual men and lesbians they tend to use the left hemisphere of the brainUnlike in heterosexual women and gay men, since they employ over the right hemisphere of the brain.

The American researcher recalled that routes that connect the two hemispheres of the brain and which determine the dominant side of it they are completed almost in its entirety before the birth, why sexual orientation, both heterosexual and homosexual, are innate.

I think that, probably, is a hormone or a gene responsible for determining that cerebral hemisphere dominate. That is what causes sexual orientation", said Olson to the press.

"I am looking for peace to put an end to this social war against gay people. The answer is education. If people understand what is happening, then the fear disappears.", concluded the American researcher.

By Alexander Rocha