Apr 072013

The player and advocate for the rights of LGBT, Brendon Ayanbadejo speaks about the possibility of four NFL players to come out of the closet and if it will have another chance to play football.

The days of Brendon Ayanbadejo with the Baltimore Ravens have come to an end but continues his fight for equality in same-sex marriages regardless of the time. The advocate for LGBT rights and marriage between persons of the same sex, told the Newsday that it thinks that its political discourse led to the Baltimore Ravens released him.

Then declare the Baltimore Sun that a group of up to four players is considering making public his homosexuality, Ayanbadejo downplayed the immediacy of that event during an interview they are Anderson Cooper of CNN, who asked if Ayanbadejo knew the identity of the players.

"No, in fact what happens is that there are organizations with whom I am in contact and there are individuals with whom I am in contact and collectively we know of some gay players", said Ayanbadejo. "And these players, some are anonymous, some known, but his identity is super secret and nobody wants to reveal who they are and some of them do not want disclosure of their identity, as it is their right, because it is completely dependent on them they do".

There are those who have criticized Ayanbadejo by retracting their earlier assertions, but if date for what will be an important event in the history of sports in the United States, Ayanbadejo passion for the topic will never change.

"We want to make is to go all together so that they can give you support each other, so that they can have a support group," said Ayanbadejo. "It is potentially possible, conceivable is that they can give the news together and at least one of them had expressed that he would break the news to someone more and not do it alone and that's all I can say".

Source: Univision.