Feb 072013

Matt Moore, a Christian activist "ex-gay" who speaks frequently about how religion "saved you" from a life of homosexual sin, It has been discoveredusing Grindra social network for men gay used especially for sexual contacts.

Matt Moore is a blogger He has been writing about how Christianity has helped him to leave behind the "sinful homosexual life style", by reporting your experience in the Christian Post, between other platforms. But apparently the religion has not been enough to keep him away from Grindr, where has a profile been discovered with your photo, that the own Moore has admitted as its own.

I made a mistake entering Grindr", said Moore."My way of thinking about homosexuality, the Bible has not changed. [...] Create a profile on Grindr and use it to talk to other men has been a serious disobedience on my part... disobedience to Christ. Disobedience to a kindly and compassionate God. Fortunately, I think he will forgive me [...] "Will not enter Grindr never... ever".

The truth is that these news are becoming less surprising, given the frequency with which these so-called "ex-gay" just being Discovery "with the hands in the dough"


Envoy Enoch