Apr 142013

March of the whores Ecuador 2013 manifesto

Quito, April 20, 2013.
Us and we, women, men and people of different sex-generic condition that we promote the March of whores - Ecuador, since our particular context, and in solidarity with those in other parts of the world who drive this same gear, publicly denounce the attitudes and practices, social, cultural and institutionalized abuse, objectification, stigmatization, and oppression of women and otr@s femenin@s and declare that:
1. Facing the Panel's finding that "whore" is a word that describes multiple forms of disobedience and empowering women, in particular of insubordination and sexual autonomy; WE ARE WHORES. Because we have thus been called for having made a slur for having more than one partner, for dressing híper-femenin@s, for going out alone at night, for soliciting sex, for aborting, for answering back (or, worse still, answering 'no'); for being a woman and loving another woman, for deciding not to be mothers, for feminizing or masculinizing our body in the opposite direction of our sex, for using contraceptives, for divorcing, for refusing to accept the violence on behalf of femininity, family and motherhood, among other many acts of autonomy over our bodies and lives. If being a whore means taking the actions afore mentioned, and given that this is not going to change, then we are decidedly whores.
2. Facing the repression suffered by l@s trans and others that assume alternative expressions of gender; WE DRESS LIKE WHORES. A diversity of genres is leading our March because we claim the aesthetic freedom and diversity of gender as a matter of transfeminista. Because we think that the feminism is exclusive to women, or the transgression of gender is unique to transgender people. And that claim all those expressions of gender that break with the binary and patriarchal aesthetic that draws us a world of two unique places: "female women" and "men men". And we celebrate the subversion aesthetic, as embodied in the hiper-feminidad of Hooker and gay that "pens", as in the masculinity of the machonas women or men who were born with the vagina; or even, in the androgyny of those who refuse to take an unequivocal expression of gender.
3. Facing the repression faced by sex workers - whores paid among other whores - WE PARTNER TO FORM A UNIQUE ALL WHORE GROUP. We reject the stigmatization of sex workers and assert their rights; especially their right to occupy the public space. We welcome the possibility that them we have raised vindicating women (not only in economic terms) sexual negotiating skills and celebrate, above all, the need to overcome the trickster patriarchal division which is made of women on two sides - in the "whores" and the "decent" - division that often make believe, the "decent" which are in a better position than the "hookers". All all whores!
4. Facing denial of female pleasure, and because whore, means many times "the one who enjoys", WE POSITIVELY NAME OURSELVES WHORES. Because if there are so many words to speak positively of the autonomy and the sexual pleasure of men - male, male, torazo, champion - and instead there is any term which spell out in positive autonomy and pleasure sexual women - but just "fucking" and its synonyms - we refuse to stay without words and say, again, that we are whores.
5 Facing family, social, police, judicial and media justification of gender and sexual violence self-provoked by the attitudes and aesthetics of female insubordination; WE RAISE THE VOICE OF WHORES. And we callaremos not until the institutions and society in general, learn to correctly locate the social and legal responsibility to address sexual violence and gender and start judging, not victims for being "good" or "bad", "whores" or "decent", but the aggressors to be aggressors and rapists to be rapists.
6. Facing brands of control and punishment inflicted on female and feminized, bodies which in its worst expression are reflected in femicide, feminicide and hate crimes; WE RECOGNIZE OURSELVES COLLECTIVELY WHORES. Because the murder, rape, and forms of extreme violence against women, people, trans, sex workers and otr@s dissidents of gender and sexuality, not go alone against specific bodies, but systematically the collective identities that they embody. We demand that the State recognizes that behind the female genocide is patriarchal guardianship that turns us into subjects with bodies available and disposable. We demand that the State act consequently classifying femicide and promote laws and policies that favor the full autonomy of women and people of different sex-generic condition on their bodies.
Because the time has come to re - appropriating the word WHORE so no more it hurts us, we blame or us stigmatization. Leave all that is heard and understood that we say NO to GENDER VIOLENCE and YES TO AESTHETIC AND SEXUAL LIBERTY, TO AUTONOMY AND EQUALITY FOR WOMEN, MEN AN PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT SEX-GENERIC STATUS.