May 102013

What is a natural part of an artificial addition, what? The new commercial for a beverage manufacturer plays with traditional gender images. Members of the transgender community have come from Cola campaign before the head.

A young woman with curly hair, high cheekbones, jewellery and plenty Make-Up leaves the stage with great applause. The mask behind the scenes she removes her artificial eye lashes, takes off her earrings, sets aside wig and feather Boa - and emerges as a man. This includes the message: "the nice thing about artificial additions: you can also omit it."

Has been running since May 6 the new product campaign of Bionade GmbH. advertising for a new variety of the drink with a Cola taste. That should differ from the soft drinks of other manufacturers due to the lack of artificial additives. The train of thought of the advertising strategists intended is clear: makeup and long fingernails as flavourings and preservatives include drinks for men.

Critical comments on Facebook

Advertising with a wink is called the manufacturer. Transphob, offensive and discriminatory that move beyond the supposedly normal gender - transgender, transvestite, cross-Dresser, and others call it.

The posts are piling up on the Facebook page of the company. "Your commercial signals: a sissy/transvestite/Drag Queen not as nice as the 'real' and 'natural' man is behind it." Next time please think about"a user writes. Another commented that the spot by two social gender (or gender) go out and thus presupposes the lifestyle as a man or woman as natural. This is problematic, because it would be labeled the other lifestyles as unnatural.

Serenity in the policy

The Chairperson of the Working Group of lesbians and gay men in the SPD, Ansgar Dittmar, is allowed. "Although I do not know the advert from your own point of view, I see the rather relaxed. Here is played with the illusory world of the theatre. There are quite other spots that would come to me,"he says.

Bionade GmbH was an official statement on Friday not to reach. Is the company to mitigation on Facebook: "we analyze in our spot not. Whether on or behind the stage: we feel probably the poodle in both worlds. We love the world as it is: colourful, open and diverse, in all its facets. We each must be so, as he would like."

Friedemann Knoblich

Transgender community feels attacked by Bionade advertising |

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